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We’re changing our social media name on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to reflect our company name. So it’s goodbye @TheBrighton5 and hello @wemakegoodtrouble and @makegoodnews!

For Twitter and Instagram, it’s merely a change to our handle, so if you’re following us there already, there’s no need to do anything. You’ll still hear all our news.

Unfortunately, Facebook won’t let us change our name, so we’ve had to set up a brand new page and cross our fingers that you’ll all move across and join us! So, please follow our ⭐️ shiny new Facebook page! ⭐️ Thank you!

If you’re not following us we’re:

@wemakegoodtrouble on Instagram

@MakeGoodNews on Twitter

@wemakegoodtrouble on Facebook

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Parent of one teen and one grown-up!
Co-founder and Editorial Director of social media agency Liberty842 and Make (Good) Trouble - the production company behind Brighton5. Tayler has over a decade's experience working in social media for Media & Entertainment clients. First class degree in Communications from Goldsmiths University where she majored in Journalism and TV Audience Studies.

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By Tayler

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