Make (Good) Trouble works with young people to improve the knowledge and understanding of their needs and issues.  They are co-creators in every endeavour, developing key critical thinking skills in the process.

We have strategic partnerships with local authorities, Public Health, The NHS, the Police and Crime Commissioners, youth offending services, University research faculties, children’s agencies, voluntary and private sector organisations and public figures associated with social change

We have access to a diverse range of young people and families across the UK. We develop Participant Action Research to better understand needs and pilot direct intervention approaches. Logistics, safeguarding, GDPR compliance and consent is governed by Local Authority guidelines. We develop and deploy measurement frameworks, data collection, and analysis on all projects.

Make (Good) Trouble builds high value networks including:

  • Social media support groups for young people and families, including our Raising Teens Facebook group for parents
  • Schools and Further Education outreach programmes
  • Connecting youth-led organisations
  • Practical support connecting individuals, teams and services
  • Identifying patterns of behaviours and intent through outreach, qualitative and quantitative research and analytics, including focus groups

Social impact initiatives are amplified through:

  • Established relationships with all major broadcasters and media outlets
  • Strategic planning, marketing, PR and campaign management
  • Multi-platform content creation, production and publishing
Promotional, celebratory film made for East Sussex County Council’s Holiday Activities and Food Programme, 2021