Raising Teens: Series Two

Raising Teens is a warm-hearted and honest round-table discussion about parenting teenagers and teen mental health. It is hosted by presenter Guy Lloyd and includes teens’ own stories from Make (Good) Trouble’s young reporter Lola Ray. Her teen stories are surprising, thought provoking and often delightful. The show aims to bring those involved in raising teens together to dispel myths around teen mental health and offer practical help and tips. 

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Episode 1: KICKING OFF – broadcast 8pm Monday 4 November 2019

Anger, defiance and rebellion – how can parents manage when their teenager is kicking off? When should you worry that it’s more than just the usual process of growing up and pushing boundaries? And what help is available for anger management issues and how easy is it to access?

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Episode 2: FAMILY BREAK-UPS – broadcast 8pm Monday 11 November 2019

There are just under 4 million children in the UK whose parents are separated. Recent research has found that adolescents whose parents split up are significantly more likely than younger children to suffer from emotional and behavioural issues. So how do today’s families deal with break-ups? What kind of issues do step-parents or step- or half-children (so-called “blended families”) face and how do they deal with them? How can families navigate relationship break-ups and stay resilient?

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Episode 3: TEENS, PARENTS & BOOZE – broadcast 8pm Monday 18 November 2019

How do parents’ attitudes to alcohol affect their children? How do parents broach the subject with a teen? Where can they get the best advice? And how do teens cope with a parent with alcohol dependency and how can the wider family find help? 

Episode 4: SELF-HARM – broadcast 8pm Monday 25 November 2019

Ten percent of 15 to16 year-olds self-harm – and one in five young women between 16 and 25 have self-harmed.  In this episode we’re looking at self-harm. What is it? What causes it? And how can teenagers get help?

Episode 5: EATING DISORDERS – broadcast 8pm Monday 2 December 2019

Eating disorders can manifest themselves in many ways: anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder – and shades in between. Anorexia is a frightening illness and has the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. Why does this issue mainly affect girls? Are boys who work out at the gym also affected? How can parents spot the signs and find ways to get help for their teen?

Episode 6: LONELINESS – broadcast 8pm Monday 9 December 2019

Brighton has the most internet searches for the word ‘lonely’. Almost 20% of children living in cities say they often feel lonely (ONS 2018). In 2016 Childline saw a marked increase in the number of children who felt “miserable, misunderstood or isolated” with many too “embarrassed” to admit to feeling lonely. There are many reasons cited including: the pressures of social media, bullying, moving home or school (including the transition to secondary school), living in care or having an illness or disability. How can parents encourage a teen to open up if they think they’re becoming isolated? How can parents spot the signs and find ways to get help?

Episode 7: GRIEF – broadcast 8pm Monday 16 December 2019

How do young people deal with the loss of a friend or family member? How can parents, who may be grieving themselves, help their teens to cope? How does grieving affect the wider family and how do you cope with special occasions like birthdays and Christmas? Does it affect teens differently? Where can parents and teens get practical help and support?

Episode 8: THE REVENGE OF THE TEENAGE BRAIN – broadcast 8pm Monday 23 December 2019

Our most popular subject from series one gets a second airing with a deeper look into the development of the teenage brain. 


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