Raising Teens: Series Three

This special series of Raising Teens focuses on the pandemic and the effects of lockdown on teens and their families.

Raising Teens is a warm-hearted and honest round-table discussion about parenting teenagers and teen mental health. First broadcast on BBC Radio Sussex and BBC Radio Surrey, the show is hosted by presenter Guy Lloyd and includes teens’ own stories from Make (Good) Trouble’s young reporter Lola Ray. Her teen stories are surprising, thought provoking and often delightful. The show aims to bring those involved in raising teens together to dispel myths around teen mental health and offer practical help and tips.  Brighton and Hove City Council supports this series. They say it’s an “important and timely radio series that provides accessible information and ideas to help parents and families in lockdown.”

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Anxiety in young people has risen significantly since lockdown and it’s been particularly hard for those with pre-existing mental health conditions – one in four of those young people have stopped receiving help because of lockdown according to a survey by Young Minds charity. This episode looks at how anxiety is affecting teenagers and their families.  What are the main causes of their anxiety? How can parents and carers – who may be struggling themselves – help their teens? And when should you worry that their understandable anxiety is turning into something more serious?

Guests in this episode are psychotherapist Donna Peters-Lamb from Make Sense Psychotherapy, Mo Bham, Educational Psychologist and Head of Learning Support Services for Brighton & Hove and parent Sophie.
Broadcast 7.30pm Monday 18 and Wednesday 20 May 2020.

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With lockdown set to continue for most young people, how is home schooling going? How is your child managing their studies? What is life like for teens who have had exams cancelled and aren’t sure what happens next? How are those who have limited access to technology and no quiet space at home to work in?  And when schools do re-open more fully, how comfortable are you about sending your child there?

Guests in this episode are Rose Scott, counsellor at Hove Park school, Dr Kerstyn Comley, founder of the MeeTwo app and Matt Dumbledon, a father and part of the team at Dad La Soul, a grassroots community to support dads.
Broadcast 7.30pm Monday 25 and Wednesday 27 May 2020

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The government guidance is clear on travelling between homes, but families are complex.  How can separated parents best cope with logistics and contact?  How can separated families avoid conflict and ensure contact is safe, particularly if one parent has health issues and vulnerable to Covid-19?  The charity Gingerbread has reported a rise of 130% in call from single parents struggling since lockdown started.  We hear from teens from separated parents and ask the experts to give advice on how to keep relationships on an even keel, as well as a round up of the best tech out there to stay in touch. 
Broadcast 7.30pm Monday 1 and Wednesday 3 June 2020.

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The risk of domestic violence is greater in lockdown with the National Domestic Abuse helpline reporting a 25% increase in calls and online requests for help since we were all told to stay home. This episode aims to raise awareness of how this affects teens who may be witnessing or experiencing abuse, and parents who may be subject to child to parent abuse. Experts discuss the issues and give advice on what to do if you are concerned and where to get help.     

Guests: Jane Griffiths from CAPA, Child and Adolescent to Parent Abuse, Roisin Vafaee from Sussex Police and Alex Psaila from Relate.
Broadcast 7.30pm Monday 8 and Wednesday 10 June 2020.

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