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Make (Good) Trouble prides itself in developing high quality digital media content, co-produced by young people.

Raising Teens

Raising Teens is a radio series created by Make (Good) Trouble and produced in collaboration with BBC Sussex and BBC Surrey. 

Now in its fourth series, Raising Tees is a warm-hearted and honest round-table discussion about parenting teenagers and teen mental health. It is hosted by presenter Guy Lloyd and includes teens’ own stories from Make (Good) Trouble’s young reporter Lola Ray. Her teen stories are surprising, thought provoking and often delightful. The show aims to bring those involved in raising teens together to dispel myths around teen mental health and offer practical help and tips. 

🎧 Find out more and listen to all episodes: Raising Teens 

We Are Poppy

We Are Poppy is a project supported by the Lottery Heritage Fund. It explores women’s experiences of the First World War and how the War affected their mental health. It is a story developed and told by young people who ask: what has changed for women in the past 100 years, and which challenges do we still face today?  Created in a time of Covid-19 and lockdown, there are new parallels to be explored.

We Are Poppy podcast

Raising Teens in Lockdown Facebook Group

If you’re a parent or a young person struggling to cope or just need some friendly advice, we’ve set up a Facebook group to help you. It’s called Raising Teens in Lockdown (what else!). We’ve gathered some of our Raising Teens experts to give advice and you can also share your own ideas and tips or simply have somewhere to talk and be heard. And we have our small army of amazing Make (Good) Trouble teens on hand to help out. 

Facebook Live Q&As

MGT young people in conversation with Sussex Police

Over the course of lockdown, we’ve set up conversations between young people and people who work in organisations or institutions that affect their lives like the Police and the Children’s Commissioner for England. We have also spoken to experts who have offered brilliant advice to parents and young people about dealing with anxiety, promoting better mental health in men and boys, and getting better sleep.

Understanding the teenage brain