HAF Holiday Clubs

Make (Good) Trouble has run Holiday Activities and Food programmes over the summer and Christmas of 2021, commissioned by East Sussex County Council, providing young people in East Sussex with a safe, enriching environment in which to play, learn and unwind. There is a focus on active learning and nutrition with children and young people making food together.

The young people attending the sessions had time to engage in active games each day in order to maintain a healthy balance of exercise and team building.

The young makers who attend our holiday clubs are awarded Digital Badges for their CV on completion of this project. Make (Good) Trouble is a partner of the RSA Cities of Learning programme, designed to provide practical pathways to employment. In 2020 we awarded 54 Cities Of Learning Digital Badges, accredited by City and Guilds, to young people across the South East.  

If you are interested in registering for future holiday clubs, please get in touch via our Contact form.

⭐️ “Amazing. Thank you so much” Parent feedback, December 2021

⭐️ “I’m gonna miss everyone a lot, including the grown upsI” Attendee feedback, Summer 2021

⭐️ “I’ve been coming for the whole summer (4 weeks), I was meant to go on holiday but decided to stay at the club instead.” Attendee feedback, Summer 2021

⭐️ “He came home happy every day and I can’t thank you enough for that.” Parent feedback, Summer 2021

⭐️ “I think the fact that there was a taxi offer was incredible for me, because I’m disabled. So though, I do have a car, driving up and down and up and down, that’d be four trips for me, it would be a lot. So that’s been an incredible bit of funding.” Parent feedback, Summer 2021

⭐️ “She’s got lots of things to tell me at the end of the day – the fact that she’s been trying new things, particularly the photography because she’s been talking about wanting to do GCSE photography forever and I’ve been a bit like, okay, I don’t know where that’s come from. So the fact that she’s had an opportunity to try this out for herself and has just loved it is really, really great, because it could be more than a hobby for her.” Parent feedback, Summer 2021

Make (Good) Trouble’s HAF Christmas Club, 2021

Make (Good) Trouble created a special film celebrating the success and demonstrating the positive impact of the Holiday Activities and Food (HAF) programme in East Sussex over the summer of 2021.

HAF Summer Club and East Sussex County Council logos