IWD 2020: Sammy

We asked teenagers to give us their thoughts on what International Women’s Day means to them…

Men everywhere should celebrate International Women’s Day


By Sammy Zottola, 16

International Women’s Day is almost upon us, It is a day for celebration as we celebrate women across the world and their contribution to humanity, both in the past and the present. Furthermore, International Women’s Day gives us an opportunity to highlight the efforts of those that patriarchal history has chosen to gloss over, like Rosalind Franklin, or Bessie Coleman. Remembering those in the past is important: it ensures women historically receive the credit they deserve, but International Women’s Day encompasses more than just the past, it encompasses the women of the future.

I know of many young men who would snub International Women’s Day as something not based around them, and therefore not being worth their time. This selfish outlook is why we still live in a patriarchal society today. Only by working together can we achieve true equality; it takes the masses to tear down the outdated establishment. So, what are we to do? What are young men everywhere to do? Take the spotlight and talk for these women? No, now is not the time to be taking the spotlight, now is not the time to be talking for people, now is the time to support young women, the sisters, friends, classmates, colleagues, and girlfriends in our lives, in their endeavour to take the spotlight for themselves, and speak for themselves.

Men everywhere should celebrate International Women’s Day, not in spite of the fact it isn’t centred around them, but because of it. They should celebrate it as a day of equality, a day of respect, a day where women, past and present, are celebrated for their past successes, and their future successes.

I’m an aspiring voice actor; I’ve been influenced and inspired by the voices I’ve grown up hearing, in television, film, and games, such as Laura Bailey and Tara Strong. This International Women’s Day take some time to consider the women that have helped you discover your interests and have paved the way in your field.

Happy International Women’s Day.