What about ‘The Breakfast Club’?

I have just read Molly Ringwald’s article in The New Yorker where she revisits the John Hughes teen flick through the #MeToo lens. The Brighton5 (adult) team had already started commenting on it on our WhatsApp group – comments like “it’s great to think about the content (for BTN5) in terms of legacy and how it might be interpreted in years to come.” It got me thinking about John Hughes’ ability to write content that so accurately reflects what it’s like being a teenager, and how hard it is to write scripted content and get it spot on.

The Brighton5 project is unconventional in so many ways – in meetings I often describe it as being just like teenager: it doesn’t work in straight lines (development), it has suddenly grown and bolted off down the road and I am constantly trying to catch it up! One thing I am learning as we go through the development phase is the power of listening. Our Brighton5 teenagers NEED to be heard. At the moment, Brighton5 seems to be writing itself, with careful guidance and positive spirit.

So, what about ‘The Breakfast Club’? My teenage girls LOVE that film. If I put it on the TV they are guaranteed to join me on the couch (a rare thing!). I asked my eldest teen why she loves it? “It’s relatable, Mum, it’s about kids accomplishing things without adults. At the end of the day, it’s a feel-good film.”

So there you have it. Three goals for Brighton5. Sorted. So far the development has been the most exciting and terrifying experience of my working life. But who said any of this would be easy? One thing is for certain, we will listen, so they can make.