Focus groups

Make (Good) Trouble conducts focus groups on behalf of organisations and statutory bodies to help them to better understand young people. We have access to children and young people of all ages across the UK, bringing them together in a safe space, in order to share their ideas and opinions. 

We utilise a peer-to-peer model, with young facilitators attending each focus group. They help to ensure outputs have authenticity and credibility as they are closer in age to the target audiences. We provide training and on-the-job experience in clean questions, photography, audio recording, film making and arts-related activities. They have mental health first aid training and are DBS checked.

For every focus group, we put together fun, interactive and creative sessions to discover what children think. We conduct audio interviews with children (in groups or on their own, whatever they are comfortable with) as well as taking photographs of the children which may be used for research and promotion, with permission.  

We manage all the practical aspects of the sessions including:

  • Finding the young participants
  • Liaising with schools, families, parents and carers
  • Logistics including travel, venue hire, food etc.
  • Project management
  • Age-appropriate activities 
  • Design of age-appropriate questions and conversation formats
  • Consent and GDPR compliance
  • Safety and risk assessments, including Covid-19 protocols
  • Measurement and reporting

As a social impact company, all our projects are co-created by young people, in the pursuit of deepening connections, critical thinking skills and understanding around adolescent mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Make (Good) Trouble focus group for The Rez, Sussex University
Make (Good) Trouble focus group for Sussex University, with young co-creator, Daisy, right.