Data Protection policy

Make (Good) Trouble Data Protection Policy

Students and adults choosing to get involved with Make (Good) Trouble projects are asked to complete a consent form for information collection and use. You can see a copy of our consent form here.

What will Make (Good) Trouble do with your personal information?

If you choose to become involved in a Make (Good) Trouble production, workshop or other activity we will need to collect personal information about you:

  • Your personal information includes your name, age, contact details and, if relevant, the school you go to.
  • We will use your personal information to keep in touch with you and to make programmes, videos and educational material. 
  • We will store your personal information safely and we will not share it with anyone outside Make (Good) Trouble.
  • We will be doing this based on your permission, which is detailed at the bottom of this form. 
  • We will keep personal information we have about you (i.e. your name, contact details) for up to 3 years after the event or programme you have been involved in.

What will Make (Good) Trouble do with your recorded interview or contribution?

If you choose to take part in an interview or other activity you will be sharing information about yourself when you talk about your opinions, ideas and experiences.  Information, Images and or video footage of you may be used wholly or in part and may be edited. All images and interviews are used to positively promote our work aims and values.

This information may be broadcast in programmes and used in videos, education material, social media (including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and LinkedIn) and other published materials.

We will be doing this based on your permissions which are listed at the bottom of this form.

Note that you should not talk about other people in your interviews, as you cannot give consent to sharing other people’s information. 

When it comes to storing your information after any recording has been made and broadcast: we will de-identify the experiences, opinions and ideas you share in order to store the contribution you have made. This means that we will remove your name and, as far as is possible, we will remove information that could identify you, such as names or places associated with the stored files. 

We may use your de-identified information in future published educational material and for our research on the issues that affect young peoples’ mental health  

We will do this based on our legitimate interest as a community interest company to work on developing tools and information to support young peoples’ mental health.

We will keep your de-identified information for as long as Make (Good) Trouble works on young peoples’ mental health.

What are your rights? 

You have the right to give or withhold your consent to sharing your personal information with Make (Good) Trouble

If you give your permission now, you can withdraw that permission to your personal information being used at any time in future by contacting 

If you want more information about how we use your information you can contact, who is responsible for data protection.

You have a right to see what information we keep about you and to have corrections made to any errors you find.

You have a right to get an electronic copy of information about you stored by us.

We have a duty to look after your information safely and not share your named information with anyone. We have to notify you if a breach of information security occurs.

If you have any complaint about how we are using your data you can complain to the Information Commissioners Office, this is the official data protection office for England:

We are committed to reviewing our policy, its implementation and good practice annually.
This policy was last reviewed: July 2021 

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