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There’s also a brilliant book aimed at teens called Why Your Parents Are Driving You Up The Wall and What To Do About It by Dean Burnett. We’ve written a handy review here

🔊 Listen to Raising Teens: The teenage brain on BBC Sounds

How does knowing about the development of the teenage brain help parents understand their teens? And would it help teens understand what they’re experiencing? Has modern technology re-wired the brains of today’s young people? And is it progress?

Guests include: Consultant Paediatrician Dr Sharmila Jeyasingh, SEND Co-ordinator at Patcham School Linsey McGill, Psychotherapist Alan Sparks and SEND Co-ordinator at Dorothy Stringer School Paul Watson.

 🔊 Listen to Raising Teens: The return of the teenage brain

Our most popular subject from series one gets a second airing with a deeper look into the development of the teenage brain.  With guests neuroscientist and author Dean Burnett, vet, anatomist, reproductive biologist and author David Bainbridge and school learning and wellbeing mentor Debra Lloyd.