Help & Advice: Family breakups

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Relate offers relationship and family counselling as well as information and advice on separation and divorce as well as useful information on dealing with children’s feelings and behaviour

Childline offers children information and advice, and a listening ear

West Sussex Council’s Find it Out Centres for Young People are for anyone between 11 and 25. They offer drop-in advice and information. To talk to someone in confidence young people will need to make an appointment

Dad La Soul, a a revolutionary, grassroots movement, that uses the arts, music, tech and play to tackle social isolation in dads and kids

🔊 Listen to Raising Teens: Family Breakups

There are just under 4 million children in the UK whose parents are separated. Recent research has found that adolescents whose parents split up are significantly more likely than younger children to suffer from emotional and behavioural issues. So how do today’s families deal with break-ups? What kind of issues do step-parents or step- or half-children (so-called “blended families”) face and how do they deal with them? How can families navigate relationship break-ups and stay resilient?

Our guests were Alex Psaila from RelateJo Heywood, an education specialist, Dan Flanagan from the brilliant Dad La Soul, and Make (Good) Trouble founder Daisy Cresswell.