Recruitment, Training and Assessment Policy

As a Community Interest Company, Make (Good) Trouble hires people based on their passion points and desire to make a positive impact within their community.


We do not insist on formal qualifications from potential candidates, rather we are committed to hiring people who are curious in and passionate about relevant subject matter and driven to work within a productive team and with a big emphasis on learning on the job, based around their interests.  

We are committed to promoting equal opportunities at every stage of hiring or contracting personnel. We operate a discrimination-free hiring process.  

All staff and contractors are required to have a current DBS certificate and we use safer recruitment processes:

  • We inform candidates of our commitment to safeguarding our young co-creators
  • We take time to follow up on references and qualifications
  • We ensure staff are appropriately trained for their role.

Training and assessment

The majority of Make (Good) Trouble contractors and volunteers are young people. As a media production company, dealing with issues around mental health and emotional wellbeing, we train recruits in relevant areas, for example, mental health first aid, media production and administration skills. 

All staff and contractors are required to have a current DBS certificate. 

We conduct quarterly assessments of staff and volunteers, to ensure they feel safe and valued members of the team. We highlight what they are doing well and scope areas for improvement. 

This policy was created: July 2021 
This policy will be reviewed: January 2022

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