We support: Football Beyond Borders

“If we fail to support teachers to make schools inclusive spaces that nurture the social and emotional development of our young people in the post-Covid world, we have failed a generation.” Jasper Kain & Jack Reynolds, FBB Co-Directors

Each month Make (Good) Trouble highlights a charity or organisation that provides a service to families and young people and professionals who support them. This month, we’re supporting Football Beyond Borders (FBB) – an education and social inclusion charity that supports young people up and down England who are passionate about football but disconnected at school. They help build long-term relationships around their love of the game and help them finish school and ensure a successful transition into adulthood. 

“LOCKDOWN. THE WORLD STOOD STILL. Normal changed forever. New ways were introduced. Exclusion, isolation, inactivity became the everyday. The nation gripped by government updates, each one restricting movement, preventing socialising and increasing detachment.” 2020 Beyond Lockdown 

FBB targets children that are at a risk of being excluded and work to keep them within mainstream education. Alongside using football as part of youth engagement, they also offer a two-year school’s programme for boys and one for girls where time is divided equally between pitch-based learning and classroom-based learning (reading, writing, speaking and listening skills). Find out more about what they do here.

In early October FBB launched a new national campaign highlighting why young people should be in school. Their “Beyond Lockdown” coffee table book is a photographic record of young people they interviewed during this exceptional time. The book is a testimony of young people’s experience, how some enjoyed the freedom away from school, while others struggled with their mental health and loneliness.

Buy Beyond Lockdown here – for each book you buy, FBB will donate a free copy to one of the participants and schools they work with across the UK.