This isn’t our company, it’s theirs

We have a WhatsApp group for the core team involved in Brighton5. Most days we share one or more news stories about the current mental health crisis that is affecting teens in the UK. A recent article reported that there had been a sharp rise in under-19s being treated by NHS mental health services.

The article states: “There were a total of 389,727 “active referrals” for people aged 18 or younger in April, a third higher than the same month two years ago, according to the latest statistics published by NHS Digital.

The number seeking help for conditions such as anxiety, depression and eating disorders is rising sharply.”

Meanwhile we push on with getting our crowdfunder video edited, getting the messaging for our crowdfunder page just right, and we continue to meet people, organisations and businesses who are interested in helping and getting involved.

More and more we feel that this project is so important. Daisy and I have wound down a lot of our other commitments and we are making Brighton5 our priority – one that we plan to use as a template to roll out to other towns and cities. It’s a big ask, but we are totally committed to creating a great big positive space for Brighton’s teens to create, build, learn and feel safe in. One where they have a voice and a say in what happens. This isn’t our company, it’s theirs.