The joys of getting Brighton5 off the ground

The joys of managing a start-up, social enterprise project are all now making themselves apparent. We’ve been knee-deep in spreadsheets, budgets, video edits, meetings and research, research, research. It’s been a fascinating if exhausting time!

Firstly a huge thank you to those who’ve answered our last-minute calls for help with everything from budget forecasting, legal to editing and music! One of the driving forces of Brighton5 has been the people who’ve rolled up their sleeves and got involved. We are forever grateful.

We’re planning our parent-focused radio show, which we hope to air on Radio Reverb this autumn – watch this space! We’re looking for parents, and experts to speak or contribute their stories on everything from teen stress and mental health issues to body confidence and technology and device addiction. Please get in touch if you have a story, question or issue we can discuss. Onwards!