It’s tiring making good trouble. But I love it.

Brighton5 as it happens consists of (among many other things):
1. Writing the partnerships deck (presentation) for potential sponsors and partners
2. Writing the script for the crowdfunder video
3. Attending Anxiety in Teens session (see previous post)
4. Rewriting the script for the crowdfunder video (after the Anxiety session)
5. Editing the photoshoot we did last Saturday (and waiting for the teens to send over their other pictures)
6. Doing the VAT (yup)
7. Meeting amazing local parents and entrepreneurs with myriad skills, who want to get involved
8. Creating XL spreadsheets to remember everything (double yup)
9. Research: watching super-well-crafted Netflix documentaries incessantly and taking good notes
10. More research: watching teen TV shows with my kids, incessantly asking WHY they are cool
11. Even more research: Listening to recommended podcasts and writing mad scribbles
12. Writing this blog
13. Filtering the WEIRDEST spam comments from this blog (gotta love a bot!) – how fitting this item is no.13
14. Going to the supermarket, making dinners, washing uniforms, tidying the crap off bedroom floors (occasionally)
15. Preparing to speak live on Radio Reverb this Saturday 3rd March – sometime between 10 and 11 with Josie who hosts ‘The Mothership’, where I will be plugging Brighton5 and bigging up their Reverbathon.

Make sure you listen in. If you can’t we will record it anyway. And edit out my nervous gaffs, I am tired after all.