Help & Advice: Alcohol and drugs

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Talk to Frank  Information for parents worried about their child and demystifying the language around drugs

NACOA, National Association for Children of Alcoholics, offers advice and information, including a helpline 0800 358 3456

RU-OK? Part of Brighton & Hove Children’s Services, working alongside under 18s whose lives are affected by substance misuse in Brighton & Hove

Family Lives A wealth of information and practical advice when it comes to teens and underage drinking 

Alcohol Change UK has a useful fact sheet on alcohol and parenting 

Young Minds offer information for parents worried about their child’s use of alcohol or drugs

🔊 Listen to Raising Teens: Teens, Parents & Booze

How do parents’ attitudes to alcohol affect their children? How do parents broach the subject with a teen? Where can they get the best advice? And how do teens cope with a parent with alcohol dependency and how can the wider family find help? 

Our guests were Piers Henriques from NACOA (the National Association for Children of Alcoholics), Fran Carpenter from Oasis Project, helping women and families affected by drugs and alcohol, Luci Hammond from RU-OK, a substance misuse service for Brighton & Hove, and Ceri Walker, the daughter of an alcoholic parent.