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Josie Booth interviewing Brighton5 founder Daisy Cresswell on Radio Reverb
Josie Booth, host of The Mothership, interviewing Brighton5 founder Daisy Cresswell on Radio Reverb

Yesterday we did our first press for Brighton5 – a live interview on local Brighton station Radio Reverb as part of their fundraising Reverbathon 2018. (Big thanks to The Mothership’s Josie Booth for the invite!)

Daisy spoke about where the idea for Brighton5 came from and what it’s all about – we’re hoping to share a link to the interview later this week.

Dipping our toes into publicity is both exciting and daunting – now we have to get on with making Brighton5 happen! It also means we’re putting a call out for people to get involved – from subscribing to this blog (there’s a link below), spreading the word by following us on social media (we’re on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) and sharing our posts, or offering help with the parent radio show/podcast or the TV show.

Let’s help our teens to make a brighter future for us all.

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Co-founder and Editorial Director of social media agency Liberty842 and Make (Good) Trouble - the production company behind Brighton5. Tayler has over a decade's experience working in social media for Media & Entertainment clients. First class degree in Communications from Goldsmiths University where she majored in Journalism and TV Audience Studies.

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