Lockdown parenting: keeping calm at home

In the second of two blog posts, Ruth Hodierne, Clinical Nurse Specialist, Sussex Liaison & Diversion for Youth, gives us some tips on keeping calm during lockdown.

Advice for Parents during lockdown

  1. Normalise Anxiety – anxiety can be healthy. Adults can help young people appreciate that health anxiety has a purpose: it alerts us to potential threats. “Feeling some anxiety makes sense right now. You’re having the right reaction to the emerging news about the coronavirus”. 
  2. Shift the Spotlight – Research suggests that during difficult times teenagers feel better when they turn their attention to supporting others. Teenagers that provided the highest levels of social support to other were the ones who went on to express the most confidence in their ability to face challenges in their own lives. Remind them by washing their hands regularly and staying home is not only protecting ourselves but easing the strain on health services.
  3. Reassure your child that it is unlikely they will get seriously ill, and if they do feel ill you will look after them. Your child might be concerned about who will look after you if you catch the virus. Let them know the kind of support you have as an adult so they do not feel they need to worry about you. 
  4. Keep as many regular routines as possible, so that your child feels safe and that things are stable.

Where to find help

Visit www.childrensmentalhealthmatters.org to read the resources on how to talk to your child about the coronavirus.

B&H wellbeing service (young people):
(There is online counselling that can be accessed online for 13-17 year olds)

Allsorts and Mind Out for LGBTQ+ young people
(Not offering face to face contact, however, there is support online)

StayAlive app

A Band of Brothers – charity for helping young men with mental health

NHS Mental Health Support Lines


Survivors Network (18 and under service)


YMCA YAC (Youth Advice Centre)
continuing to provide support via phone

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