Find your brave

Liv, 16, is a young carer and became a Make (Good) Trouble production assistant after she was interviewed for Raising Teens about Loneliness. Liv has penned a blog post to talk about this year’s theme for Children’s Mental Health Week: find your brave.

Being brave is something we’ve all done in our lives. It’s also one of the most amazing things that we do. Being brave can initiate the feeling of empowerment and adrenaline. (They feel pretty great!)

Remember the time when you were meeting someone for the first time? You didn’t know what to expect? You were strong, fearless and brave! 

In my life, being brave is such a key role. I meet new people all the time. Constantly shaking hands and making conversation with a stranger. 

The last dominant memory of me being brave was meeting the wonderful people who make up the Make (Good) Trouble team. I had signed up to do an interview with them which i hoped would help them with their radio series “Raising Teens”.

As i entered the room I distinctly remember being overwhelmed as six other college students stood around me, they all seemed familiar with each other. I stood with my earphones in and had a five minute battle with myself over whether I should turn and leave, or stay and attend the interview.

I stayed. It was one of the best choices I’ve ever made. The one thing that will stay with me is what I told myself as I entered the room: “Just be brave. It’ll be great”.

I walked in there and the room was filled with beaming, radiant smiles from everyone. I remember feeling very warm inside. I was proud of myself. The warm smiles felt comforting and I remember feeling proud of myself. I was proud, because I was brave. 

After doing the interviews, I left the room with a beaming smile. I realised I wasn’t alone. Everyone in the room was brave. We all shared vulnerable parts of ourselves. We all accepted one another. We were brave. 

After doing the interviews, I stayed in contact with the Make (Good) Trouble team. I was invited to get involved in their further work and for that, I am eternally grateful. I feel like I’m part of the team. I have the same beaming smiles around me, it’s magnificent.

Without my act of bravery, I wouldn’t have been open to some of the extraordinary experiences I’m involved in now. 

Being brave may not seem like a lot at the time, but it can do so much for you, it can open you up to new experiences and to meeting new people. 

It can change your life for the better.

Even the smallest acts can have a huge impact. So, talk to someone you’ve never talked to before, go for that job interview you may have been putting off, go on that first date. Say yes to new things!

Because, being brave, is brave!

Listen to Liv on Raising Teens: Loneliness on BBC Sounds