We’re heartbroken to hear the news that our friend Tracey Allen has died.

Last year, Tracey strategically managed a brilliant PR campaign for us, which was called Brighton5. She did this with gusto, kindness and positivity. Everything she promised, she delivered. BBC South Today, ITV News… she got us brilliant coverage. She recommended we change the name of our organisation to something less ‘local’ – which we were all in agreement with, and so Make (Good) Trouble CIC was born. 

I first met Tracey when I became a trustee of The Brighton Fringe. It was an instant friendship – both strong determined women sharing a sense of humour and comparing glamour notes! Her brother Kenton knew my late brother Addison, so we always felt like old friends – trust was a given. 

It’s so hard writing these words but one thing I do know, her brilliant work to help organisations like ours make an even bigger social impact will live on. And so will Tracey as a friend – a positive shining light. 

Tracey’s family have set up the Tracey Allen Memorial Fund which aims to raise money for the community organisations she was so passionate about: “The intention of this fund is to provide a place where family, friends and colleagues can leave a gift in her memory, whilst building a capital fund which will make grants to those small, impactful, community organisations she most cared about, year after year.”

Tracey’s friend, Lynsey Bartlett, has written a lovely piece about her in The Argus if you want to learn more about the amazing work Tracey did.

Rest in peace Tracey. Love from Daisy, Tayler and Jane.

Running a Crowdfunder has been all-consuming. It’s meant putting everything else on hold to rally round and badger people for money and help with getting the word out. We’ve been so humbled by the way everyone has pitched in and got involved. But thankfully it was all worth it – last night we reached our target! This means that we have the funds to get going with our project, working with teens and local schools and colleges. Watch this space!

So if you donated, shared our posts, sent us a supportive message, told friends and family about us… a huge thank you. Your support made this happen.

From Daisy, Tayler, Jane and the teens x

Brighton5 teens in Brighton

Brighton5 teens on Brighton beach.

Our Brighton5 Crowdfunder ends at 2 minutes to midnight tonight (Sunday 18th November) and it’s all-or-nothing. So this is a last call to arms! A plea to help us get the message out there and find our final backers to get us over the line and hit our target.

If you could spend just 10 minutes today, calling, texting and WhatsApping your friends, you could post a link to the Brighton5 Crowdfunder on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn telling all your lovely friends and followers why they should back our project, that would be AMAZING. We’re so close! THANK YOU from all of us at Brighton5! ❤️

Hello! Here’s a quick Brighton5 Crowdfunder update and some really useful links to organisations that have helped us along the way this week.

We have raised £4,250 of our target in our first week, which is hugely encouraging! We’ve been busy ticking off things on our ever-growing lists – I have post-it-notes everywhere! So far this week, we’ve edited a new blog that will be up on makegoodtrouble.co.uk from Friday this week. It’s from a parent of a self-harming teen and follows her journey from the realisation that her teen is cutting herself to getting through the maze of bureaucracy to try and get help. It’s a heart-breaking read but our anonymous contributor wants to get the message out there to anyone in the same position that they’re not alone.

We are also about to update our Crowdfunder with a new 2-minute video talking about what it’s like to be a worried parent and why Brighton5 is going to make a difference. If you haven’t yet, please visit our page and donate! Every penny makes a difference, and we want to encourage everyone to give as little as £1. Go on, tick it off your to-do list and pledge today!

In what feels slightly awkward (and so un-British!), we have been tapping into every contact we can think of for advice and to ask folk to help promote Brighton5. And hurray! Our efforts have been rewarded…

The Do Lectures featured us in their wonderful weekly newsletter– if you don’t know them, they’ve built a brand around inspiring people to “Do amazing things”. They hold workshops and talks as well as produce gorgeous books on everything from storytelling and business advice to growing veg and making jam! After featuring in their newsletter, we’ve had people contact us from all over the country offering to help, as well as tweets from people in their network.

We were overwhelmed to get an email from Shirley Conran, OBE (yes, *the* Shirley Conran!) who sent us a fabulously long email full of really useful advice on how to grow Brighton5 and who can help us along the way. She is a real inspiration to us and she’s still working hard to help people who suffer from maths anxiety – which particularly affects girls and women. Her Maths Anxiety Trust website contains a wealth of useful information for students, parents and teachers.

We also had an email from Justine Roddick – her mum, Anita Roddick, started The Body Shop many moons ago in Brighton’s North Street and Brighton5 founder Daisy met Justine when she worked at their head office as a graphic designer – Daisy’s first job after college! Justine is now living in the USA and is working with charities support help teens with empowerment and sexual health. She has linked us up with people in the UK who might be able to help us.

And next week? That’s for our Monday meeting where we’ll have a quick group hug and then it’s out with the post-it-notes…

Brighton5 teens on Brighton beach