Brighton5 started with five 15- 16 year old girls sitting around my breakfast table, discussing life pressures – relationships, mental health, social media, exams… I was blown away by their passion and honesty. At the same time my relationship with my 13 year old daughter was plummeting. I realised that although she wouldn’t listen to me, she was heavily influenced by the older teens. The premise for our work was born at that table – to get older teens to help younger teens tackle mental health issues. 

The Brighton5 crowdfunder gave us the funds to get everything off the ground – building relationships with key safeguarding staff at the local secondary schools, Public Health, Sussex Police, while listening to and actively involving teenagers. What we originally set out to do – to make a set of short films, has turned into so much more. We are now a power house for good, using our skills in broadcast media, working with many teenagers to Make (Good) Trouble in short film, radio and podcast formats.  

Back then, we were just a group of curious and at times desperate parents and teenagers wanting to find alternative ways to do things. With our BBC radio show, Raising Teens, now in its second series and four other projects in development we are well on our way to delivering on our mission – to improve emotional wellbeing in teens and parents, teach kids valuable making skills and give them what they truly deserve – some good press!”

Daisy Cresswell, Founder. 

Brighton5 teens filming
Filming with our Brighton5 teens